Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stick It to Bubbles!

Sticks It!

Today we tried several different projects! 
We got some crafts sticks and popsicle sticks and they entertained to children all day. We also tried a new bubble solution and some painting as well. 

Moroni's stick bomb.
My girls are camping with their grandma for the week so it's just me and the boys. We decided to try these stick activities and Moroni loved them!We also talked about kinetic energy and problem solving. He did a great job. We spent hours just on this one activity. 

Useful Activities for Younger Children:

What shapes are these? Can you make these shapes? What other kinds of shapes can you make? Great for K-2nd. You could have older children make more complicated geometric shapes.

Which letters are these? What other letters can you make with these sticks? Great for children in kindergarten.

How high can you build a tower with these sticks? How can you build it so it won't fall? Use any method you can think of.
You could also have them do this in groups or in partners. Great for any age group.

This activity is great for determination and patience. It was also a great lesson in kinetic energy.

He got pretty creative with this.

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